Our journey is inspired by the path of the rising Moon and setting Sun across the Earth and the cultural beings that followed that route…

All as one together, the Nomads, the Incas, the Samurais and the Gitanos were guided by the fire in the sky to an unknown, mysterious Utopia.

We guide you on this same journey with our food, drinks and music


Our Dawn and Dusk menus are meant for sharing and all our dishes complement each other as our chefs take a harmonious approach to tastes and flavours

Our menus cross the Seas and Shores, Plains and Pastures, Jungles and Mountain ranges as we subtly blend influences from North & south Amercia, Europe, India, Madagascar and East Asia into our food.  Each dish pays tribute to a rich culinary heritage as we bind new cooking methods, ingredients, heritage and techniques.  Our food follows our heart not a recipe…


From forbidden shores, secrets of shinto and lost lands over time.
Our drinks menu is steeped in culture and authentically curated from scrolls and methods passed on over time.